The Best Tactical & Online Games

The Best Tactical & Online Games

Tactical or strategy games are one of the oldest forms of games in human history. Be it board games, online or other outdoor games, tactical and strategic games get the best out of our brain. The history of tactical games dates long before the advent of computers, as mankind has always found indulging in games that test the brain very fascinating.

With the rise in the use of computers and smart phones, many tactical or strategic games are now easily available as compared to before. The basic premise of having to use your brain to fight your way through opponents has still not really lost its charm. While the smart phone era has made getting tactical games easier, it has also introduced a new problem of choosing the right game. Some games don’t match the level of expectation, so they end up being a disappointment.

We have made life easier for you by short listing a few tactical and strategic games that you can play within the comforts of your home, on your smart phone.

1.    Age of Civilizations

age of civilizations gameAge of Civilizations is a game which makes you flex your brain muscles. Based on the concept of making a strategy for conquering as many territories as possible, the game makes sure that only the ones with the most perfect strategy succeed.

You will have to face a variety of scenarios, all demanding extreme amount of control over what is happening in the game. The scenarios can either be based on World War 1 or 2, or can be your own scenarios, to add to the fun.

Age of Civilizations is complex and highly addictive. With endless thinking and tactical planning, the game creates an unparalleled addiction of its own.

2.    Chess Free

Chess Free Online GameChess has been one of the most intriguing tactical games which have made people think hard for the previous few centuries. The game has a very rich history and has been correctly replicated in the various online tactical games.

A lot of online tactical games have tried creating a rendition of this famous game. While many have miserably failed, some have done justice to the original chess board by keeping it as original and as level based as possible. Chess Free is one of these chess games that have offered a brilliant version of this historical game for people to play online.

The game has different levels for different players and does not discriminate in anyway. The multiplayer option within the game means that players can now play with each other, while showing their prowess of the game.

3.    Live Casinos

live casino gamesWhile live casinos don’t have many tactical games, and some might question why it’s on this list, live dealer blackjack, and roulette is becoming very popular specially in the UK, and blackjack is actually a tactical game if you example use a blackjack strategy system you will win more often. But most that play blackjack do lose in the long run, and you must be at least 18 years old to play.

4.    Kingdom Rush Games

KingdomRushGamesKingdom Rush has created one of the most successful and attractive franchises for tower defence. The series includes three games, which are:

  • Kingdom Rush
  • Kingdom Rush Frontier
  • Kingdom Rush Origins

The games share a similar basic mechanism which means that the experienced player who has played all of the games in the series would have become a champion in it by now. You will be required to build towers in the game, and then to guard the towers from the attacks of all the bad men by employing heroes.

The Kingdom Rush games have plenty of levels to upgrade and play. The only drawback present within the three stages within the series is that the game requires a lot of in game purchases. The in game purchases can be justified considering the quality of planning required within the game.

5.    Machines at War 3

Machines at WarMachine at War 3 is another one of the very intriguing tactical games available for playing online. The game has a very exciting story to it, which adds to the fun. The story not only adds to the excitement, but also makes the players glued to their smart phone screens.

The strategic game makes the players go out in search of saving a scientist, while fighting and killing all the bad guys that come in between. The inclusion of 21 missions means that there is not a second for you to sit idle while playing this game.

The random skirmish mode offers you a chance to kill time by taking part in random skirmishes that make you polish your skills within the game. Priced at $6.99, the game is a bit expensive, but considering that there are no in-game purchases makes the game come across as not a big burden on the pocket.

6.    Pandemic: The Board Game

One of the best board games out there, Pandemic makes people stand up and play as CDC scientists. The job that is assigned to you is to travel the world to kill diseases. While you are destroying diseases, they will tend to grow up. Hence, if proper care is not taken, the diseases will grow up to form a pandemic which would signal game over.

The variety of characters that can be chosen to play with, along with the different difficulty level means that you are engrossed in the game throughout. A few additional game purchases may mean that you would have even more characters to play with to stop the spread of disease across the world.


7.    Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is the second part of the original game, Rollercoaster Tycoon. It provides the first as well as second title of this series within a single download.

The game gives you a scenario, where you get a theme park. There are a total of 95 scenarios, which assures the player that there is no getting bored while playing this interactive yet hard game, where managing all the rides and keeping the guests happy is the core task.


8.    XCOM: Enemy Within

Part of our grand list is the game XCOM: Enemy Within. One of the most engaging tactical games, XCOM makes people think of each and every move. Replicating the dynamics of a chess game, XCOM has made a game similar to a chess board. You play it like chess, only while killing off the bad guys.

To top that, you can recruit and find new characters. Finding new characters would give you the opportunity to test your skills in a better way.

9.    Games from Supercell

Supercell boasts to have made three of the most exciting games that make tactical planning a very intriguing and difficult task. The three games from Supercell are:

  • Clash Royale
  • Clash of Clans
  • Boom Beach

These games require you to build a base, which you then go on to guard against all the other players. While primarily defending the castle from other players, you can also calculate the right time and plan an attack on anyone’s base.

10.                Vainglory

One of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, Vainglory is best to play with friends. The game features battles of 3 on 3 that tend to last to as long as 30 minutes. The number of heroes available currently is more than satisfactory.

You can customize the heroes you get with any skin of your choice. The different modes all ensure that you play according to your wish. During the first few days, you can play alone and master the art, and only then call others to fight with you.

The advent of technology and the way human nature has grasped it for the future has led to the belief that everything needs to be adjusted into the world of the internet. Tactical and strategic games have also made the transition from normal board games, to more exciting and enticing versions on the internet.


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